Welcome to my RC Helicopter page. I wanted to get into helicopters since my flight in a Bell 206 III Jet Ranger helicopter courtesy of Blue Canarias Helicopters in March 2006. This was a birthday present from Max.  I did toy with the idea of learning to fly a real one but the costs and time involved were prohibitive so decided to get an RC helicopter first. After looking at various sites and reading forums to get "advice for beginners" it looked like I was after a quite simple, twin rotor helicopter (twin rotors do not need a tail rotor so less to worry about as tail strikes are less costly). Ended up buying an Esky Lama 2 V3 from heliguy on the 3rd January 2007. The item arrived next day and I spent some time getting to grips with the sim. The links below take you to some additional information about the experience.


Chopper Diary

Lama 2 V3 setup and modifications