My Jeep started off as a standard 4 Litre Limited Cherokee that I purchased new in 1998. Whilst it was still under warranty I kept it as standard however during a service in late 2001, just out of warranty, I was told that one of the tyres had a puncture (actually had a screw embedded in it!). Given that the other tyres were not far off needing replacing I started the quest for new tyres. As standard, the Cherokee came with a space saver spare tyre (WHY!) so I decided to change that. As the Jeep dealer wanted 318 + VAT for a new alloy I hunted for a second hand one on the internet. This lead me to discover the "All Fours Jeep club" as it was then known (http://www.jeepclub.co.uk) where, through the classified section, I purchased another wheel. In turn this lead to the purchase of  BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres and the rest, as they say, is history. Below is a list of modifications to date, of course there will be more in the future...

Jeep Modifications
Picture Item Further Info
BF Goodrich All Terrain KO (now used for on-road and fields) (since superceded) Sourced and fitted by: -
AJS 4x4 Tyres
Fuel tank skid plate (Genuine Mopar part) Sourced from: -
FW Mays, Dorking
Transfer case skid plate (Genuine Mopar part) (since superceded) Sourced from: -
FW Mays, Dorking
Front skid plate (Genuine Mopar part) Sourced from: -
FW Mays, Dorking

Old Man Emu 2" suspension lift

Sourced and fitted by EDM Jeep Specialists: -

JKS Quick Disconnects URL to manufacturers: -
JKS Manufacturing
KC SlimLite long range lights Sourced from USA4x4
(no longer trading)
ARB Safari Snorkel Sourced from: -
Specialist Leisure
Marshal Venture MT tyres on Borbet Softline alloy wheels. Sourced from: -
Formula 4x4
Rustys XJ Armour sill protection. Sourced from: -
Rustys off road
Tow hook mounting kit (since partially superceded) Sourced from: -
Rustys off road
Rusty's Transfer Case skid Sourced from: -
Rustys off road
Tom Woods short shaft conversion and replacement driveshaft Sourced from: -
Rustys off road
Detroit TrueTrac Limited Slip differentials (front and rear) Sourced and fitted by: -
Bolt on Shackle Sourced from: -
Rustys off road